WWIAD: Public Announcement #1

So Women Working in Aid and Development is up and running!

It is such a great feeling after months of talking about this project.

Thank YOU so much for all you have contributed so far.

There has been a great reception to the project and some fantastic guest bloggers already.

Women Working in Aid and Development was set up as a platform for all women in the sector to open up about the great experiences they have had and the challenges along the way. We hope that as well as in-depth discussions about what the current state of affairs is that this blog will also contribute to positive change in the future, whatever this may be.

We would like to invite you all to contribute. We want as many people guest blogging as possible about the subjects that are important to them. We would also LOVE suggestions about how to improve and develop the site (we have a few ideas in the pipeline already!).

You may not know this but Women Working in Aid and Development has its very own LinkedIn group. At the moment there are over 130 members and an interesting conversation about knickers going on! Join the group and the debate. Invite other women you know too.

The LinkedIn group is an OPEN group. This means that anyone can see the posts that go up. The decision was made to make the group open so that all people (both men and women) can discuss Women Working in Aid and Development together. If many of us are saying that men hold many of the powerful positions in the sector, then we’ll have to get them involved in order to see meaningful change.

However, one thing that we want to ask you is whether you would like us to create a PRIVATE space for women only discussions? This could be created as a sub-group of the LinkedIn group. We only want to do this if there is enough demand. Just let us know in the comments sections below.

If there are any other functions you’d like to see in general do just comment here and we will do our best.

Best wishes,

Fi & Zehra

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